shrink wrap film rolls

زمان مطالعه: 6 دقیقه If you do not have enough information to buy shrink wrap film, we suggest you to read the following article. One of the most important factors in the marketing of industrial products is the type of product wrapping that gives the product a special effect. In terms of wrapping, it is very important to pay ...

shrink film rolls
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زمان مطالعه: 6 دقیقه

If you do not have enough information to buy shrink wrap film, we suggest you to read the following article. One of the most important factors in the marketing of industrial products is the type of product wrapping that gives the product a special effect.

In terms of wrapping, it is very important to pay attention to the wrapping design, art and creativity used in it. which will increase sales efficiency in the target market.

One of the types of wrapping is shrink products. One of the advantages of wrapping products by shrink method is that it brings satisfaction to customers and consumers. In addition, the product is also protected against heat, harmful rays of sunlight, various impacts, dust and scratches.

Shrink film material

What is shrink film rolls?

Shrink film is a type of wrapping plastic that shrinks when exposed to heat (vacuum). This property is called shrink.

Shrink film is made of polymer plastic and has different properties from other plastics. Therefore, this plastic is used in special wrapping.

These plastics have elasticity and react to heating factors. Therefore, they can create favorable conditions for wrapping.

Many industries, especially the food industry, use shrink film or shrink roll to package their products and transport more easily. It should be noted that shrink plastic is also called thermal plastic.

what is shrink roll?

Application of shrink film

Shrink film is used for wrapping boxes, books, food, soaps, toys, etc. Shrink machine is used in all industries.

Among others, it has wide applications in food, dairy, beverage, industrial, cosmetics, cellulose, metal, tile and ceramic industries, pharmaceutical industries, etc.

For example, plastic around soft drinks or mineral water bottles, or food cartons, such as biscuits, or cans, such as tuna fish, etc.

Application of shrink film

production of shrink film Roll

Shrink film can also be produced in rolls. The production rolls are wrapped around the product at the place of use, and after passing through the heat tunnel at a temperature of about 220 degrees, it is changed and collected.

These rolls are produced in the form of doubles, although one side is open, and it is possible to produce them in a single layer.

food shrink

Shrink film roll is produced with different thicknesses, each of which is used for wrapping a specific product. The thickness of this rolls varies from 30 microns to 400 microns.

For wrapping industrial products, rolls are used that are thicker and more opaque. But for the wrapping of other products, they use less thick rolls that have a thinner material and have a special transparency, which gives the product a special appearance and beauty.

Production of shrink film roll

Capabilities and features of shrink wrap film

  1. High tensile strength in longitudinal direction
  2. The percentage of stretching to the breaking point is high in the longitudinal and transverse directions
  3. High tear resistance in the transverse direction
  4. High fracture energy
  5. Dyeability and suitable sewing
  6. High mechanical resistance against perforation
Capabilities and features of shrink wrap film

Shrink wrap film material

Shrink film has different types. These films have different features and characteristics. Shrink roll is divided into 3 main groups in terms of material and structure, which are:

  1. PE shrink film
  2. PVC shrink film
  3. POF shrink film

1- PE shrink film

It is considered the best product for implementing a principled and standard wrapping for all kinds of goods. You must have come across food wrapping in the form of packs of 6, 12, 18 and more in the market.

Bottles of mineral water, industrially produced juices, all kinds of preserves and compotes, various drinks, etc., are examples of the most common products that must be wrapping in a suitable, beautiful and orderly way to present to the wholesale market. .

Shrink polyethylene film

2- PVC shrink film

PVC shrink film has various applications and is used for small wrapping. PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride. This plastic is the third most produced plastic in the world. This type of wrapping is associated with a state of shrinkage and shrinking of the film.

This shrink film is used for wrapping DVDs and CDs, small cans, non-food items, software, etc. PVC shrink film is associated with problems in storage, resistance to sealing and wrapping. This plastic softens in hot weather and hardens in cold weather. This issue will affect the resistance of plastic stitching and cause it to tear in this area.

PVC shrink film

3- POF shrink film

pof is the abbreviation of hygienic complete polyolefin and it is softer than PVC and is used for hygienic purposes that are related to food. POF or polyolefin shrink film is considered due to its flexible structure, tighter wrapping and less odor emission when heated.

Polyolefin shrink film roll production is more expensive than PVC samples. Therefore, many people prefer to use nylon shrink pvc. Polyolefin shrink film is one of the examples of sensitive type shrink films. This type of plastic has a lighter molecular weight. The molecules of this plastic are very sensitive to heat.

Polyolefin shrink film

Shrink wrap film types

Simple shrink roll or intestinal shrink: in this model, the consumer cuts the roll to the desired size, the product is placed inside it and the top and bottom are sewn, and then the piece goes into the shrink machine until it is shrunk by heat. and take form.

Shrink roll with open side or pocket: This model is used for cabinet shrikn in such a way that the desired product is placed between the rolls from the side that is open, and then it is inserted into the machine so that the machine fixes it.

Single layer shrink roll: It is used for double roll shrink machines. In such a way that one roll is at the top of the machine and one roll is placed at the bottom of the machine. And the piece is placed between these opened sheets.

Shrink wrap film types

Shrink wrap methods

  1. Manual: This type of shrink film is mostly used in home or small industries with a hair dryer or if the pieces are too big and cannot enter the shrink tunnel.
  2. Semi-automatic: it is used for semi-industrial use in small industries or light parts with low production circulation by shrink cabinet.
  3. Automatic: This item is mostly used in large industries where the parts are placed in the shrink tunnel and come out as wrappers. (This product is mostly used in high circulation)
Shrink wrap methods

How to maintain shrink film roll

  1. Place horizontally to prevent deformation
  2. Store in a dry place without moisture
  3. Store at a temperature below 20 degrees Celsius
  4. Store in a covered place and away from sunlight
  5. No long-term storage
  6. By setting the right temperature, prevent them from melting too much or burning during use.
How to maintain shrink film roll

shrink wrap film price

Prices depend on the type of raw material used in production. Shrink film is produced using new raw material.

But if the customer wants to lower the finished price of the product, second grade materials which are recycled raw materials can be used at the request of the customer in order to reduce the cost. The use of recycled materials has no effect on product packaging and shrink. Only the wrapping will be less transparent and a little cloudy.

Shrink wrap film price

printing Shrink film rolls

As we have already mentioned many times about the importance of printing quality in increasing efficiency and sales efficiency. It is necessary to mention this point once again. One of the most important factors affecting the sales yield through printing advertisements on shrink film is the quality of its printing.

Because if the quality of printing or design is not suitable, it will make a product look worthless in the eyes of the public. Various types of printing, including flexo and helio, up to 8 colors are done on shrink film rolls.

printing Shrink film rolls

Shrink wrap machines

There are different types of shrink wrap machines, which we will introduce below:

  1. Semi-automatic shrink wrap machine: its use by means of a shrink cabinet for semi-industrial use in small industries or light pieces with low production circulation
  2. Fully automatic shrink wrap machine: It is used in large industries. The piece enters the machine and is fully packed and shrinked.
  3. manual Shrink wrap Machine: It is used for home use and small industries. Hair dryer is done manually. Or the piece is so big that it cannot enter the shrink machine.
Shrink wrap machines

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