Production of all kinds of cellophane shrink

زمان مطالعه: 6 دقیقه In the following article, we are going to talk about cellophane shrink. It should be said that after the production of the product in the factory and workshop, the most important point, which is of great importance, is the issue of packaging the product to be kept in the warehouse until the time of distribution ...

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زمان مطالعه: 6 دقیقه

In the following article, we are going to talk about cellophane shrink. It should be said that after the production of the product in the factory and workshop, the most important point, which is of great importance, is the issue of packaging the product to be kept in the warehouse until the time of distribution and distribution and the arrival of the goods to the place of presentation to the buyer, for example, in the store.

One of the most used methods of packing and storing goods in a number next to each other is packing them using cellophane shrink.

Shrink is a special type of plastic that is widely used in the packaging industry. This plastic is wrapped around the product, then it changes its shape by heating and actually performs the vacuuming process.

Types of thermal plastic with low thickness

What is cellophane shrink?

Cellophane is one of the most important and widely used plastics used in the packaging industry. In the industry, this type of cellophane is known by different names such as cellophane shrink pack, heat shrink cellophane and nylon shrink pack. In general, any plastic that has a low melting temperature is called thermal cellophane.

The main feature of these cellophanes is the property of shrinking against heat, which shrinks and surrounds the product shortly after being exposed to heat. The device with which these cellophanes are heated is a shrink device.

The difference between cellophane shrink and nylon shrink

Now the question arises, what is the difference between shrink cellophane (thermal cellophane) and nylon shrink?

The difference between cellophane shrink and nylon shrink is related to the composition of their raw materials, which causes these two products to have differences in appearance.

In the production of cellophane shrink and nylon shrink, the raw materials are different. In other words, their thickness and transparency are different. So that shrink cellophane is thinner and more transparent, but nylon shrink is thicker and more opaque.

To explain the difference, we will use a very common example. You must have seen 6-packs of mineral water packed by a thermal nylon.

They are relatively thick in thickness so that all 6 packed bottles can be easily lifted together from the open corner. These nylons are called nylon shrink, which have a thickness of about 6 to 7 microns.

Advantages of shrink packing products

  1. Packaging of products packed side by side
  2. Prevent dust from entering the product packaging
  3. Product protection against moisture, germs and manipulation
  4. The possibility of seeing the product inside the package to attract the audience
  5. Low cost compared to packaging in cartons and…
  6. Faster, easier and safer transportation and handling
  7. More beautiful packaging
  8. Preventing product breakage and lip filling
  9. Easier storage
  10. The possibility of printing and advertising on the packaging shrink film
Shrink cellophane film

Types of thermal plastic with low thickness

  1. PVC shrink label
  2. Roll Shrink POF
  3. Thermal nylon for devices such as TV controls and…
  4. Shrink cellophane roll
  5. Shrink packaging

PCV shrink label

It is one of the most widely used items for packaging or coating on food, health products, etc. When exposed to a temperature above 20 degrees, the product shrinks.

One of the best examples of this type is the thin labels that are wrapped around the bottles of soft drinks, mineral water, desserts, sauces, etc.

pvc shrink label

Roll Shrink POF

The Latin word POF is derived and abbreviated from the word polyolefin, which means complete hygiene. This product is softer than the PVC sample and is used for sanitary purposes related to food.

Thermal nylon or thermal plastic

Another example is low-thick thermal plastics. Among other types of this nylon, we can mention thermal plastic of cigarettes or control nylon, which does not have any printing on it and has a very high transparency.

Cigarette shrink wrap

Shrink cellophane roll

For ease of transportation and use, after cellophane is produced, it is rolled or shrink-wrapped and delivered to the customer.

Shrink cellophane

shrink wrap

Thermal cellophane for packaging is a category of packaging products with relatively low melting point. As soon as it comes into contact with heat, it shrinks and if it is wrapped around a product, it sticks to the material in an integrated way.

Shrink nylon pvc

What is the difference between pof and pvc films?

Regardless of the technical explanation about the ingredients and chemical formula, which is a bit difficult and complicated. In short, the difference between these two types of films can be expressed as follows PVC cellophanes are dry and have a high shrink speed.

On the other hand, they are more transparent than pof, and at the same time, they are more fragile. Pof cellophanes are relatively soft and can be said to have more elasticity than PVC, although they are slightly more expensive than PVC.

pof and pvc films

Shrink film features

Shrink films have special features, some of which we will discuss below:

  1. High tensile strength in longitudinal direction
  2. The percentage of stretch to the point of rupture in the longitudinal and transverse directions
  3. High tear resistance in the transverse direction
  4. High fracture energy
  5. Dyeability and suitable sewing
  6. High mechanical resistance against perforation
Shrink film price

Production and printing of shrink cellophane

The production of cellophane shrink pack is not only dependent on transparent samples and this product is produced in different types. This means that it is possible to print on this type of cellophane, which has a great role and impact in advertising the brand of the manufactured product. It is also possible to produce this product in different colors.

Buying and selling thermal shrink cellophane

The price of shrink cellophane

Due to the unstable economic situation and the stock market, the price of raw materials changes every day. Therefore, to get the price of shrink cellophane you are looking for, contact the experts located in the factories and productions. It should be said that the pricing is based on the price of petrochemical raw materials.

Shrink packaging

Buy thermal shrink cellophane

Thermal shrink cellophane is one of the inexpensive packaging materials. But there are also factors that affect their price.

For example, one of the most important things that has a great impact on the price of shrink cellophane is its thickness and transparency.

In other words, the thicker and more transparent the shrink cellophane is, the more expensive it will be. Another influencing factor in the price is the volume of the customer’s purchase.

The purchase of shirink cellophane is usually done in bulk, and this makes the price of this product more suitable to be announced in these purchases.

Shrink film capabilities

Some applications of shrink packaging

  1. Packing food caps to prevent air penetration
  2. Pack and wrap mineral water or drink bottles for economic savings
  3. Vacuum food
  4. Food vacuum in restaurants for easy transportation
  5. Prevent dust from entering the package
  6. Packaging of stationery items

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