Production and sale of all kinds of Garbage bag

زمان مطالعه: 6 دقیقه Today, an important point that many people face in their lives is the management of waste and the waste of the materials they use. All people at home, workplace, etc. are always producing waste, and to maintain hygiene and cleanliness in the surrounding environment, it is inevitable to use garbage bag. The important point mentioned ...

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زمان مطالعه: 6 دقیقه

Today, an important point that many people face in their lives is the management of waste and the waste of the materials they use.

All people at home, workplace, etc. are always producing waste, and to maintain hygiene and cleanliness in the surrounding environment, it is inevitable to use garbage bag.

The important point mentioned above has made the use of a garbage bag an essential thing that is always in the shopping basket of families.

Types of garbage bags

Using a garbage bag for waste management is essential. Because in every class, profession or place we are, we are constantly producing waste in various ways.

In order to maintain the health of the living environment, we need bags to collect garbage until disposal.

Guide to choosing a suitable garbage bag

In choosing garbage bag, it is important to pay attention to the following points, which must be followed step by step to make the right choice:

  1. Choosing the type of raw material
  2. Choosing the size and dimensions of garbage bag
  3. Determine the required thickness
  4. Determining the type of garbage bag
  5. Choosing the color of garbage bag

In the following, we will discuss in detail the full description of the 5 factors influencing the choice of a garbage bag mentioned above.

Disposable garbage bag

First step: choosing the type of raw material of the garbage bag

The first step is to determine whether you want the material of your product to be nylon or nylex.

According to its type, the type of raw material will also be different. Due to the resistance, strength and elasticity of Nylex, in most cases, Nylex raw materials are used for garbage bags.

Second step: choosing the size and dimensions of the waste bag

In the next step, according to your needs, you should choose the desired size and dimensions. Garbage bags can be produced in 3 sizes: small, medium and large.

The third step: determining the required thickness of the garbage bag

One of the effective factors in determining the thickness of the garbage bag is the size. That is, the bigger the size of the garbage bag, the thickness should increase accordingly. But in the end, the thickness is chosen according to the needs of the consumer of all types of garbage bags.

Maybe a garbage bag with the smallest possible dimensions in terms of production needs the maximum thickness, so the thickness should be chosen by the customer and according to her needs.

Garbage bag thickness typically ranges from 40 microns to 300 microns.

Fourth step: choosing the type of garbage bag

There are different types of garbage bags, which we will introduce below.

Garbage bag price

Types of garbage bags

  1. Kilo bulk garbage bags
  2. Perforated roll garbage bags
  3. Single roll garbage bags
  4. Garbage bags with drawstring
  5. Garbage bag boxs
  6. Biodegradable garbage bags
  7. Hospital infectious garbage bags
  8. London garbage bags
  9. Colored garbage bags

Kilo bulk garbage bags

As its name suggests, it is delivered to the customer in bulk, by the kilo and sewn. Major garbage bags are mostly bought by offices and medical centers.

One of the advantages of buying in bulk is economic efficiency and the other is less time spent, as you don’t need to go to the market a short distance away.

Bulk garbage bag

Perforated roll garbage bags

It is produced in the form of rolls and it is also perforated. This type of garbage bags is known as one of the easiest types of garbage bags to use. The length of the roll and other items can be assigned without limitation.

One of the main requirements for the production of any plastic bag in the form of a perforated roll is that it can be easily separated by hand, therefore all plastic roll bags must be produced in a perforated form.

Now the question arises, what is a paraphrase? The holes that are placed on the rolls to separate the plastic bags from each other are called perforations.

Perforated roll garbage bag

Single roll garbage bags

This type of garbage bags is multi-folded and single roll. Each roll is packed in a box and is often used for home use.

Garbage bags with drawstring

One of the most easy-to-use types of garbage bags is plastic garbage bags with handles, especially roll ones, which make sorting and sorting very easy.

Therefore, you can order this model in any way you want, in bulk, kilo or roll. By using garbage bags with straps or multi-layer garbage bags, you can make a better choice both in terms of quality and economy.

Roll garbage bag with handle

Garbage bag boxs

It is exactly like a tissue box and in terms of usage, it is exactly the same as a tissue box. This type is one of the types that are easy to consume.

Biodegradable garbage bags

It has the capability of being biodegradable and renewable in the environment. This type is completely compatible with the natural environment.

It is up to the customer to decide how long it takes for the garbage bag to decompose, and it can vary from 3 to 5 years.

Biodegradable garbage bag

Hospital infectious garbage bags

It is used for hospital infectious waste and must be marked with a biohazard print.

Of course, all the wastes of healthcare centers, medical centers and similar centers need special waste bags due to having at least one dangerous and pathogenic property, and a special waste bag is needed for disposal and transportation of these materials.

It should be said that infectious waste, which consists of blood bands, sputum, blood, patient secretions, etc., needs to be autoclaved, destroyed, and disinfected before disposal.

Disinfection of these wastes is done through special devices such as autoclave and hydroclave, and after disinfection, they are disposed of.

So, waste bag is needed that can withstand the temperature conditions of the autoclave and can be used with confidence.

Hospital autoclave garbage bag

London garbage bags

This type of waste bag is the same family as the roll waste bag, but it is not possible to say exactly why it was named this way.

But there is a possibility that it is according to the use of the London municipality and that is why it was given this name.

Because the size of this waste bag is large, it is very suitable for large bins at home or at work.

Types of roll garbage bags

  1. Perforated roll waste bag
  2. London Rollie waste Bag
  3. Colored roll waste bag
  4. Roll waste bag with handle

Printed roll garbage bag

It is often seen that many people do not like the black color of the rolly garbage bag and are looking for a colored or even printed garbage bag.

Most of the nylon and plastic manufacturing companies have produced all kinds of garbage bags in all colors to meet the customer’s needs, and all the printing works are also done on them. These colored bags include blue, black, yellow, red, etc. colors.

Printed garbage bag

Step five: Choose the color of the garbage bag

Various color ranges of garbage bags can be produced according to the customer’s request and order. Among the colors of garbage bags, the following types can be mentioned:

  1. Black garbage bag
  2. Yellow garbage bag
  3. Red garbage bag
  4. Blue waste bag
  5. Green waste bag
  6. White waste bag
Colored roll garbage bag

The price of all types of garbage bags

The difference in size and different dimensions or thickness will not have any effect on the price and the final price is calculated according to the order amount and the daily price of petrochemical raw materials.

Therefore, the price will be provided according to the mentioned items per kilogram. You should ask sales experts for prices on a daily basis.

Cheap garbage bags

Black garbage bag

If we want to sell black bulk garbage bags in more detail, we must say that these bags are suitable for export in a centralized manner.

For example, selling more black waste bags in third world countries can be a good option for consumption, because quality is not very important in these countries.

Black garbage bags are one of the most used types of garbage bags in the market. Variation of color and size in this type of plastic bag is possible according to the customer’s order.

A black garbage bag has fewer counts per kilo than a multi-layer garbage bag.

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