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In the following article, we intend to express some information regarding the production, purchase and sale of printed plastic shopping bags.

It is necessary to remind that one of the important and fundamental principles in the expansion, prosperity and success of any profession and business is advertising.

Advertising helps to present a better image of the brand, and subsequently, with the better recognition of the brand name, the amount of sales of the brand will also benefit from positive changes.

One of the cost-effective and low-cost ways, but on the other hand, very effective in the matter of advertising, is to use advertising printed shopping bags.

Nylons and Nylexes are plastic products that we all deal with almost on a daily basis, so why not simply skip them and use them as an advertising medium?

Advantages of using advertising printed shopping bags

What are printed plastic shopping bags?

Printed plastic shopping bags are a type of printed nylon on which a specific advertisement belonging to a specific business is engraved.

Anyone who sees these nylons can easily get acquainted with these stores and the products offered by them, and this itself is considered one of the best types of advertising.

Chain store plastic bags

One of the most important things in your work class and high advertising efficiency for your business is the use of printed plastic shopping bags. On these plastic bags, the details of your store or business are included with a quality print.

Because printing the logo, address, social networks, etc., it increases the efficiency of your job.

Using promotional plastic bags with a default design or with a special design is essential for today’s businesses. Because it introduces your brand to the public.

All kinds of printed plastic shopping bags

  1. die cut handle plastic bags
  2. t-shirt handle plastic bags
  3. Reinforced handle plastic bags
  4. soft loop handle plastic bags
All kinds of plastic shopping bags

1- die cut handle plastic bags

It is one of the most stylish types of printed plastic shopping bags. die cut handle plastic bags is usually used in boutiques, pharmacies, cosmetics stores, etc.

Manufacturer of printed plastic shopping bags

2- t-shirt handle plastic bags

It is the same plastic bags that we all use for our daily work. This type of promotional plastic bag has a relatively low price and a clear example of its use in chain stores.

Manufacturer of single-color printed milk plastic bags

3- Reinforced handle plastic bags

The Reinforced handle plastic bags is the same as the die cut handle plastic bags, with an additional plastic layer used on its handle. The presence of this additional layer increases the load carrying resistance and also increases the price of the product.

Manufacturer of Reinforced handle plastic bags monochromatic printing

4- soft loop handle plastic bags

This type of plastic shopping bags is also known as basket handle plastic bags, which is mostly used in clothing stores due to its beauty.

soft loop handle plastic bags

Advantages of using printed shopping bags

  1. Very creative and efficient advertising method
  2. Low cost and cost effective advertising method compared to other advertising methods
  3. At the same time being affordable, having the right feedback for the business
  4. The possibility of reuse and many times if you have a good quality of printing and the plastic bag itself
  5. The possibility of printing the business name, brand, address and phone number of the brand owner on the plastic bag
  6. By printing a design of a brand or an inscription on plastic bags, it makes that brand last in the mind.
Printing plastic shopping bags

Buy promotional plastic shopping bags

When buying or ordering advertising plastic bags, it is important to pay attention to the following points:

  1. The size of the plastic bag required
  2. The volume of the product that should be placed in the advertising plastic bag.
  3. Design for printing on plastic bag
  4. Weight or number to print on plastic bag
  5. The color of promotional plastic shopping bags
Gold printed plastic bag

Production of printed plastic shopping bags

Many people do not throw away the plastic bag with handles after buying from a store and use it again for different purposes.

But not all promotional plastic bags are used twice. Unless that printed plastic bag is of good quality for multiple uses.

Production of printed plastic shopping bags with 1st grade raw materials has a great impact on your brand’s advertising efficiency. The fact that customers use a plastic bag several times increases the advertising efficiency of your business.

Plastic shopping bags for clothing centers

Various methods of producing printed plastic shopping bags

Patterned advertising plastic bags are produced in two ways, which are:

  1. Print ready
  2. Exclusive customer printing

Ready-made samples have designs that are usually printed on plastic bags, but custom samples are printed with whatever the customer orders.

Printing plastic bags

Printing of plastic bags can be done in different ways according to the number of orders and the cost to be paid for it. In this section, we will learn about different methods of printing on plastic bags.

  1. Silk printing: Silk printing is done by a small mechanical device. One of the main components of this device is a net that is placed on the plastic from this colored net. This printing method is for low circulation.
  2. Offset printing: Offset printing is one of the types of printing that customers pay attention to, and one of the reasons for this is its very high quality and the low circulation of this type of printing.
  3. Flexo printing: Flexo printing is an outstanding printing, the reason for its name is the use of photopolymer and rubber stereotypes that are flexible. This method of printing is very fast and inexpensive. In flexo printing, the desired design is recorded in the roll mode on the desired location.
  4. Helio printing: This printing is used in high circulation and millions, and it is the best choice for excellent and ideal quality printing in the form of a roll. It should be noted that the materials used in this print are more expensive than the materials used in other prints.
one color Printed milky color plastic bag

The impact of print quality on advertising efficiency

Print quality has a direct impact on your advertising efficiency because if the print quality is not appropriate and catchy, it will not attract people’s attention. But with a quality print and a suitable design, you can get more returns from advertising with plastic bags.

For stores where the appearance of the used plastic bags is important, two types of die cut handle plastic bags and soft loop handle plastic bags are usually used.

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