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With the spread of Corona, a high need for masks was felt in the communities. If you are one of the mask manufacturers and you need cellophane bags for the face mask packaging, be sure to read the following article.

The main purpose of the mask is to prevent the spread of infected respiratory droplets and particles from patients to healthy people. Therefore, the mask must fit completely over the mouth and nose, and since it is in direct contact with the mouth and nose of people, it affects their health.

Therefore, the packaging in which the mask is placed must be completely hygienic and prevent the penetration of the smallest germs so that the mask is not contaminated. 

face mask packaging cellophane bags

Production of face mask packaging cellophane bags

One of the important factors in the quality of face mask packaging cellophane is the use of new and first-class materials, even if the customer requests to reduce costs, second-class or waste materials cannot be used. Therefore, it is not possible to use grade 2 materials in face mask packaging due to health issues, and only new and grade 1 materials should be used.

One of the most important things in adhesive cellophanes is high transparency and gloss, which can be produced with high-quality and high-transparency products using advanced equipment and new, first-class raw materials.

The transparency of the adhesive cellophane increases the sales of a product, because it is well visible inside the plastic, and also its shiny property exaggerates the attractiveness of the product inside it.

Adhesive face mask cellophane

Types of face mask packaging

There are two types of methods for face mask packaging, which we will mention below:

  1. Box packaging: sometimes for this type of packaging, a plastic packaging is needed for the single mask inside the box, otherwise the mask is placed in the box raw without plastic packaging.
  2. Plastic packaging: In this type of packaging, cellophane (opp, metallized) and nylon are used, which cost much less than the packaging box.
buy face mask packaging cellophane bags

Buying and selling cellophane roll for mask packaging

This type of cellophane, after production, is sold in the form of film rolls per kilogram. Mask packaging can be produced in the form of a sewn lip, adhesive lip or zip cap. The price of cellophane masks fluctuates daily based on the price of petrochemical raw materials.

There is usually more than one mask in each package, which cannot be used all at once. Therefore, our suggestion is to buy the type with adhesive or zippered lips, so that if you use a mask, you can easily store the rest of them inside the plastic packaging.

The material of face mask packaging bags

The cellophane bag for face mask packaging can be made of OPP or metallized type, fully transparent, fully metallized, one transparent side, one metallized side, printed or unprinted. The glossiness and transparency of these packages are of great importance, because a suitable package shows the quality and health of the product inside.

mask packaging bags

Production of all kindes plastic bags for packaging masks

Plastic and cellophane companies will solve all customer needs related to cellophane and all types of plastic. The quality of production and printing on mask plastic must be provided to customers as a guarantee.

The dimensions of plastic lip adhesive production depends on your needs and your uses. Just refer the dimensions you need to the consultants of the manufacturing company or contact our consultants to guide you in this matter.

Mask printed packaging bag

Reasons for the importance of mask packing

The mask is considered one of the best and most appropriate health equipment. The mask can be used in various cases to maintain safety and health.

For example, when working with toxic detergents, when dusting and dusting the environment, to prevent the spread of germs and viruses during infectious diseases, maintaining the isolation of the environment when performing sensitive tasks such as surgeries, etc.

But these days, due to the spread of corona disease, the importance of using masks has multiplied, so that masks have become one of the daily necessities for all people in the society.

A point that is very important is to observe health issues during the production and packaging of masks so that a safe and healthy product reaches consumers.

Printing face mask packaging cellophane bag

It is possible to print 1 to 8 full hd colors for face mask cellophane bags . Also, different printing methods with different prices can be used to coordinate with the cost and be economical for the customer and have an economic justification for producing and printing face mask packaging cellophane bags for him.

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