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If you intend to buy agricultural pool liner, we recommend you to read the following article.

Pools that do not have earthen bottoms or engineered bottoms that are insulated cannot store water for long and cause long-term water loss as a significant amount of pool water seeps through the bottom or walls of the pool. he does.

In the past, various methods have been used to prevent water wastage, such as thatching the bottom of the pool, cement, isogam, stone and cement, grout, brickwork, reinforced concrete, etc., which have different uses depending on the cost and area. .

Agricultural pool liner

what is Agricultural pool liner?

It is a nylon that is used to cover the bottom of agricultural pool and prevents water leakage to save water consumption. It can also be used to cover the pool.

what is agricultural pool liner

This nylon is an insulation that can be used in any area with different soil characteristics and is available and usable as soon as possible, with a small price compared to other insulations.

In fact, this type of nylon is considered a type of wide nylon due to its large dimensions. These nylons play the role of insulation and have the ability to perform quickly and at a very low cost compared to other insulation materials. That is why it is very important.

Agricultural pool liner manufacturers

Application of agricultural pool liner

As its name suggests, it has been used on the floor of swimming pools, home pools, etc., and has shown a very useful performance. Agricultural pool liner is used as a waterproof insulation in all types of pools.

In general, regarding the use of this nylon, which is also called wide nylon (due to its large dimensions), it should be mentioned that it has been used for such pools and has brought positive and efficient results:

  1. Types of agricultural pools
  2. fish agricultural pools
  3. Public swimming pools
  4. Home pools
  5. Pool sealing nylon
Application of agricultural pool liner

Production of agricultural pool liners in all sizes and thicknesses

In general, the aforementioned nylons are produced in large sizes due to their different uses as pool liner, fish farming pool liner, agricultural pool liner, home pools, etc. Because of this large size, this type of nylon is called wide plastic.

Production of agricultural pool liners in all dimensions

It is possible to produce large sizes of this type of nylon. According to the order, the customized production according to the customer’s needs is also done. The above nylons have different thicknesses. Based on this, it is possible to produce thin to very thick agricultural pool liner.

The thickness of the liner of the agricultural pool and its direct effect on the amount of water loss

It is certain that the liners of the agricultural pool, whose thickness is at a higher level; They will have better results in practice. Because it prevents the of the agricultural pool liner from tearing due to water pressure or the pressure of the walls themselves. But production in various thicknesses is made to order by the customer.

Agricultural pool liners

For example, in expressing the effect of the thickness of the of the agricultural pool liner, it can be said that as its thickness increases, its resistance and tensile strength will increase, and such results will occur as a result:

  1. agricultural pool liner will remain undamaged and intact.
  2. As a result, water wastage has been prevented, which is one of the most important advantages.

So, when buying agricultural pool liners, try to make its thickness one of the priorities of your purchase; You will definitely be more satisfied.

But the condition of access to the thick type with good quality as well as its balanced price is to refer to authorized sellers in this area.

The price of agricultural pool liner

The price of agricultural pool liner

Petrochemical raw materials are used in the production of agricultural pool liner, and sometimes second and third grade raw materials are used for its construction. Therefore, the higher the quality of raw materials in this product, the higher its price will naturally be.

Of course, the use of 2nd and 3rd grade recycled raw materials in the production of this product is done only at the request of the customer so that the production price can be significantly reduced.

Of course, apart from this issue, other factors can be considered effective on the price of the agricultural pool liner. For example, the most important factor that can determine the pricing of this product is its thickness.

The price of agricultural pool liners

Buy the agricultural pool liner

When buying an agricultural pool liner, it is very important and fundamental to pay attention to two points:

  1. Thickness: Due to the fact that the pressure exerted by the floor, walls and water inside the pool is a significant pressure, it is necessary to use high thickness agricultural pool liners. It is obvious that the thicker the nylon insulation is, the more resistant it is to the pressures and the less likely it is to tear, crack, and be damaged, and in this way, it will have a longer and more durable life.
  2. Resistance to sunlight: Considering that these plastics are usually exposed to direct sunlight for a long time, they must be sufficiently resistant to the harmful rays of the sun so that they do not lose quality.
Buy the agricultural pool liner

Coloring of agricultural pool liners

According to the industry that wants to use this type of wide nylon, there are various colors. The agricultural pool linier has a variety of colors, each color of which shows a specific application. For example, a black pool liner is used for the fish farming pool liner, while lighter colors are used for the agricultural pool liner .

Coloring of agricultural pool liners

100% high quality painting

One of the important factors in the uniformity of the nylon ordered by the customer is good and 100% paint spraying, which conveys the feeling of high quality. The production of colored liner of the agricultural pool must be done with quality assurance.

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